Friday, June 05, 2009

inside the pond

See those little black spots in among the rocks? Any idea what they are? Check out the picture guess....
If you guessed tadpoles, you'd be correct! We've had several toads or frogs take residence in the pond. Not only have they moved in, but they laid eggs and those eggs have "hatched." We have about a million tadpoles in the pond. And, I'm not exaggerating either. I counted!

I've had visions of being inundated by toads...or frogs...whichever...who cares? Both are creepy! But, with a million tadpoles, they will eventually tun into frogs and then it will look like Egypt after Moses. Fortunately, Kev bought some fish. I haven't seen the fish, and I'm not seeing a great decline in tadpoles yet, but I hope they feast. I much prefer fat fish over a million frogs.

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