Monday, June 08, 2009

I'll never be a Vet

Last year, Miss Kat's rabbits had babies. Five babies. They grew up and I gave two away.

We were stuck with the other three. I checked the undersides and the back sides of all three and decided they were all the same sex. Male.

They all lived together in the same pen. Peacefully, in the same pen. I was so proud of myself for sexing them correctly.

A couple of months ago, one of the three died. It was so thin, and knowing how Miss Kat "occasionally" forgets to feed them, I assumed that the other two were dominant and pushed the third one away from the food. But, not knowing for sure, I gave all the rabbits some Teromycin.

Last week, one of my remaining boy bunnies killed the other. No idea why, but it was murder plain and simple. We removed the deceased, and, like all prison murders, the guilty party is in solitary confinement. (Well, he now doesn't have to share a cage, so I guess that counts as "solitary confinement!")

Saturday, Miss Kat and I ran out to feed before our trip to Hays. She arrived first, came to a screeching halt, and looked at me with a horrified face.

There were two newborn baby bunnies in with our murdering male rabbit. Dead.


Male rabbits can't have babies, can they?

Perhaps my remaining murderer is really a murdering mother?

I removed and disposed of the kits and checked her box. Sure enough, 3 more babies.

Which, explained why the other rabbit was killed. And, it tells me that I'm not a good vet, because I sure didn't sex these rabbits very well! If I'd known I had a female...a pregnant female, I'd have never have given "her" Teromycin.

Yesterday, I was down to 2 babies. "Mom" ate one.

Today, the remaining two were dead.

Which is sad...not really...

well, kinda.

We didn't need more rabbits. Mom wasn't taking very good care of them (no nest to keep them warm) and I'm sure the drugs Mom got while pregnant didn't help.

Yes, there is a reason why I'm not a vet...

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