Monday, June 08, 2009


I've made a new goal for myself. Someday, I will relax over the weekend.

I will not go anywhere.

I will not have any pressing projects.

I will not have to run one of my children somewhere.

I will stay in pj's all day long.

I will take a 2 hour bath.

I will watch hours of mindless TV, or read a good book, or stitch.

I will not cook.

I will not clean.

I will not do laundry.

I will relax.

I thought things would slow down after graduation. But they haven't. We've been down to Mom and Dad's 3 weekends in a row, working on projects for them.

Last weekend, we ran down to measure a shed from the Hill to see if it could be moved and used by Mom for a lawnmower garage. It could. So, last Tuesday, Kev and Kat ran down and poured concrete for the floor. (and, yes, Kat actually helped!)

Saturday, Kev and Andy ran down and moved the shed. I opted out that day...(actually I was driving to and from Hays, dropping Kat off with friends from Colby.)

Kev and Andy were going to move the shed into town using skids. That was plan A.

But it didn't work out because of all the trash and crap inside the shed (courtesy of pack rats.) So, they moved on to Plan B. Which consisted of cutting part of the front of the shed out and backing the pickup under it. (We were planning on cutting out the front for wider doors anyway.)The shed rested on the pickup bed. The roof was higher than the pickup cab, and the walls of the shed were outside the pickup bed. A cute little window on the was such a nice redneck camper! All it needed was curtains.

Yesterday, Kev and I ran down and bolted it down to the concrete slab and started framing in the new doorway. Kev also helped Dad set up a new tank at the farm windmill. Mom and I went through stuff that I brought home for our upcoming garage sale. (She's gone through stuff. I haven't even started yet...)

It was another busy weekend; which is why I so desperately want that "someday" weekend...

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