Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Our trip

Kev and I are going on a 15th Anniversary trip. Unlike most people, we are NOT going on a cruise. Nor will we be spending the night in a hotel. No sexy nighties, no candle lit dinners, no rose petals... We will probably have supper by lantern light and enjoy the sunset and sunrise together dressed in our finest camo.

We're spending our 15th anniversary on a Turkey Hunting trip. Kev usually spends our anniversary with Lynn Dale, hunting, but this year, he asked me to go along. Since I have to use 12 vacation days before June 30, I decided to give it a go and go along! (I usually let the guys have their "guy time" turkey hunting.)

Of course this means that our children will be home alone...but they should be old enough, right? Andy is almost 19 and Kat is 14. My greatest fear is that they might kill each other. On the other hand...Kev and I will have the shotguns and a bow...so I'm fairly confident that they will be fine...I'm not so confident that any of the animals will get fed or the eggs gathered, or even that my house will be remotely clean when I get home.

We leave tomorrow after work, which means that tonight we'll be frantically getting everything together and loaded in the pickup. Ugg...

But, it's my 15th anniversary on the 15th of April (Death & Taxes day)...and dang it, I'm going on a "romantic" trip with my husband...and Lynn Dale.

Come to think of it...it reminds me of my honeymoon...Lynn was with us then too!

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