Tuesday, April 27, 2010

A parental vent...

It's been a while since I've whined, or complained, or vented about life with Miss Kat...

And, I'm not doing it today either. Instead, I'm venting, whining, and complaining about my other child...Andy. You know, the male one, the one who graduated from High School a year ago? Yep, him.

He's almost completed his first year of college and he's still living at home. But. lord love a duck, I'm about ready to pack his bags and send him...elsewhere...

Our arrangement was that he could live at home for free, but he would still do chores and such for the family. Most of the time, he's done a good job...kinda.

Saturday, I was in a cleaning mood. You know, one of those moods you get when you get compulsive about cleaning and wind up doing those non-typical chores like wash walls and vacuum ceilings. I decided to give both kids a break, and vacuum the basement myself. Besides, no one else was at home, and I needed something to do since I wasn't nagging or yelling at anyone. So, I started picking up the basement family room and went to put Andy's laptop into his room rather than leave it lying on the floor. I opened the door and instantly heard horror music.

You know, the music you hear right as someone is getting killed? That's what I heard upon opening the door.

Andy has tan carpet in his room. But the color I saw was black. BLACK carpet. Carpet covered with so much dog hair, that it was black. Upon seeing it, I think I blacked out... When I came to, I knew I had to clean that mess up. I could not stand having any room look like that, or smell like that, in my house! So, I vacuumed, and vacuumed and then, the vacuum cleaner was full. I emptied it and started again.

By the time Andy's carpet was tan again, I had emptied the cup on the vacuum 4 times! There was enough dog hair in that room to create at least 2 more dogs. After vacuuming for an hour in that one room, I decided to leave the dusting for Andy to do himself. He was supposed to do it yesterday (because he was gone all weekend.) As of 10 p.m. last night, it wasn't done. It's still not done.

I am not a happy camper.

And then...last night, I asked Andy to get some bacon out of the freezer, to shut up the chickens and gather the eggs. At 9:30, when I went to bed, I reminded him again to:

  • get out the bacon
  • gather the eggs
  • turn off the light above the stove in the kitchen
  • shut up the chickens
  • and let out the dogs before going to bed.

This morning, I found...the kitchen light still on...no bacon...no eggs...the chickens were not shut up and I'd venture to bet that the dogs hadn't been let out.

Sadly, I know he was busy playing freecell on the computer and texting, so I know he was extremely busy... I get that, but sheesh! Do something kid! Somehow, the senior-itis I thought we might see last year didn't show up until this year. Makes me want to grab him, put him over my knee and beat his behind. Unfortunately, he's got me by a few pounds and inches.

But I promise you this, if he keeps it up, he's moving out!

He'll keep his own house clean, right?


Anonymous said...

If I might remind you who his grandfather is, you've seen the way he leaves things, and I've been cleaning up after him for how long?? Remember your comments about , If something happens to you, mom..ie, the answer is no, men don't recognize dirt in it's natural state.

Shelljo said...

genetics should not win... he should get MY genetics--the clean ones :)

Anonymous said...

ROFLMAO. . . Oh Shell. . . you always knew you had a late bloomer in Andy! Maybe you need to send the dog to the salon for a haircut. . . LOL

And don't you know it is not in a male's genetic make up to CLEAN?!?!?!


Karin said...

LOL! What, no pictures?! Let's just hope it's a stage... that's on the verge of ending! My DS is coming home for the summer after being away at college. I've missed him so I'm looking forward to it, but I'm sure we'll all spend the summer adjusting. DD is 16 and we are experiencing some of the the 'forgot to' do such and such on a daily basis around here. I'm tired of sounding like a broken record!