Wednesday, April 28, 2010

What a bunch of crocks

Sometimes, I'm just so witty that I can't stand myself!

This post is about, naturally, some of my crocks. I've picked them up over the years from the farm, and from Grandma B's house. I've always liked crocks and use them all over the house. In fact, in loading these pictures, I realized I left three out! The one above, we use to store our fire starting "stuff" beside the fireplace. I think I need a bigger crock here to hide the "stuff" better, but so far, I've refrained from buying any far.
This one sits above the cabinets.

Another one...yes, I like sunflowers. Most of my crocks are 1 or 2 gallon crocks. I imagine most were used for making pickles. Mom says that Grandma W. had a fantastic pickle recipe where she set the pickles out in the sun in a crock. I imagine that recipe disappeared with Grandma.

This one is my biggest crock and I've always loved these artificial blue wildflowers. They go together!

The butter churn is technically a crock, but it's cracked and doesn't hold water. It was one of the treasures we rescued from the trailer house. The lid and the dasher were also out there, but were in different rooms. Someday, I really hope to buy a new butter churn simply because well, this one will eventually fall apart. The arrows beside this crock are simply there because I keep forgetting to put them away. They've only sat there since October... It's that camo pattern on them, makes them blend right in to the cabinet, carpet and the crock.
That's my story, and I'm sticking to it!


L.Howerter said...

I love crocks. I never really knew their value before I moved here. Tim has collected them over the years (I love that he collects things).
My favorite one is the water crock with the tapper on it. Tim bought it for Wendy years ago and right after she died the lid broke.. Tim was just distraught over that but he glued it back together and we still use it.
We use crocks for things like storing milk in the fridge, making sour kraut etc.
Love them!

Shelljo said...

We're going to try saurkraut this year for the first time. I just might have to email you for the recipe! While they are decoration for now...I know that if need be, I'll use them for food!