Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Finished--"Reading opens up my World"

It's finished! Mr. Dragon is finished. backstitching, turkey stitching, beading...all finished.

Reading opens up my World

36 Ct. Belfast Linen

I had Friday off from work (Good Friday), and spent most of the day finishing up. I backstitched everything, and sewed on the beads and charms. Still not sure if I sewed the charms on correctly because the moon won't lay flat. And I adjusted the fairy's beads in her hair, because the beads that the pattern called for seemed to be too big, so I used some of the beads from her wings. My turkey stitch on the dragon's tail isn't as full as the original photo, but the original stitcher probably used that punch needle. I did not.

While I am very happy with the finished product, The pattern and directions weren't the best. Colors were listed in the key that were never used and some of the backstitiching wasn't labeled as to what color to use, so I guessed. I now think I should have used the same floss to do the backstitching on "Fairy Tales" book as I did on the "Reading" books, but the pattern didn't say to use the same floss and by the time I decided that I should have done that...I wasn't about to rip those stitches just to change floss.

But, it's finished, washed and pressed. Next step is framing...I need to decide what I want there and get it done.

This last shot of Mr. Dragon shows what happens when you take a picture and then don't check the location of your charms...

I've already started my next project... "Mom's Kitchen".

The kit came with Aida cloth 14 count, but I don't like Aida cloth, so I'm using some 28 ct. Lugana in Antique White that I had on hand. I just like working on evenweave fabrics better than stiff Aida.

I started this on Sunday and got about 5 hours of stitching time in. I've also had to rip a few times simply because I'm an idiot. See that checkered floor? I ripped the red squares 4 times or so simply because I kept looking at the symbol for the black instead of the red, so I had to start over and over and over. It's mostly full x's, so not fractional stitches on this project. I think it will go fast--even if it's 18 inches long!

Working on this, I keep thinking that I need to find an old egg beater and some of those green jars to put in my real kitchen and near this picture...when it's finished and on the wall.

(hint hint family...Christmas ideas...hint hint...wink wink...)

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