Thursday, May 13, 2010

My other "new" old crap

At the auction, I didn't just limit myself to the Kitchen old crap. I also bought a box of linens. Dresser scarves and table toppers. All stitched by Clarice, all done on linen. I didn't get the set I really really want, about 10 people bid on it and it went to high to fast. The "one that got away" was a tablecloth and matching napkins. Cutwork, which means part was stitched and then holes were cut out between the stitches. I've done a little bit of it, but nothing as big as that tablecloth.This table topper, which I did buy, is a work of art.
Handmade lace and beautiful stitching. This one is the only one which had some use/abuse...see that little 'basket" below the small group of flowers? It's the only thing like it left. I'm going to pull it the rest of the way out.

See those french knots? They are beautiful. All the same size and shape. It's hard to make that many perfect french knots. Take it from someone who knows. I'm pretty good at french knots, but these are all perfect. Not to mention the hand crocheted lace...

Another favorite table runner. Hand lace and hand embroidered.

Variegated pink floss. Satin stitch all over. It's very full and all the stitches are tight.

This table topper is very unique. It didn't come out in the picture, but this piece is more of an almond color. the flowers are all different in all 4 corners. Each flower is done in the blanket stitch.

More Lazy Daisy stitches and lots more french knots.

I haven't figured out exactly where I'm going to use these pieces, but I am proud to own them and I'm glad that they are in my home. Someday, I hope to leave some of my needlework for my kids. And, if they have to be sold someday, I hope they go to someone who appreciates the time, work, or skill it takes to create something like this.

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Karin said...

WOW! Gorgeous pieces! I think I need to start going to auctions! You hit the mother load girl! On one hand, I think they're sad because someone once loved and treasured the items being auctioned, but then it makes me happy when someone (Like you!) finds them and rediscovers the beauty in them. Enjoy your new treasures!