Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Saturday fun

What did you do this weekend?

Pick up rocks.

Yep, that's us. Exciting lives! We ran out to the ranch on Saturday to get some rocks for Mom's landscaping that Kev is going to do. I love going out to the ranch. I'd love it even more if all that beautiful land belonged to us! But, it doesn't.

Kev and I went out to the canyons on the east side of the ranch and picked up probably 2000 lbs of rocks. Sandstone. Four of the rocks took both of us to lift. We drove the 4 wheeler down to the bottom and loaded it up, then hauled the rocks back up to the trailer, unloaded them, and back down for another load.

After we finished, we decided to walk through the canyon--just for fun. We found some beautiful springs surrounded by cottonwoods. We found some areas where rain had washed and exposed "waterfalls". (But they "fall" only when it rains.) We found some wild grapes, 2 lizards, and a horny toad. Kev saw a coyote that we spooked, and we both saw some antelope. The wildflowers are starting to bloom, so we enjoyed the early flowers and I even found some cowboy roses, my personal favorite.

After our walk, Kev touched base with Dad, who was heading over to the "500", a pond, to fish. Since Kev had thrown in his pole and fishing stuff, we decided to head over. I do not fish. Fishing is boring and icky. So, while the guys were fishing...I read a book, killed a tick, and took a nap in the sunshine.

After a couple of hours, Kev quit fishing, because we had to unload the rocks down at Mom's. Dad conveniently stayed fishing...he's really good at getting out of hard work like that...on the other hand, he had built fence that morning, so maybe he's due a little "R & R".

Kev and I got to Mom's and she helped us unload the rocks--but not the heavy rocks. Kev and I did those. We just didn't carry them very far. They were heavy!

As we left, Kev told me it had been a great birthday for him, he got a great gift, and he got to spend the day outside.

It was a good day. And we finished our day with grilled steak for supper. A great end to a pretty good day.


Karin said...

Sounds like the perfect day to me. I won't even mention the fact that you didn't take any pictures though. Grin!

Shelljo said...

Karin, you are too late! Immediately upon our arrival, I turned to Kev and said, "why didn't you remind me to grab the camera!" Just means we'll have to go back!