Tuesday, May 11, 2010

"New" old crap

I went to an auction on Saturday. My Mother was nice enough to go with me since Kev didn't want to go. The auction was for a lady who was a friend of my Grandma Woodruff. She's still alive, but at the age of 95, she's in a Nursing Home, and her family had to sell some of her estate. Nursing Homes are very expensive. When I saw the sale bill, I knew I had to go to the sale. I didn't know that I'd buy anything, but I felt a compulsion to go, and so Mom and I went.

I wound up buying a few things, more "Old Crap."
Most of what I bought was old Kitchen crap. But, when I saw that spoon with the green handle, and the rolling pin with the red handles...I knew I had to bid. Mot of this stuff was in two boxes that I bid on. The sifter...the old cake decorator...the green jar...I just had to bid, and I won! I haven't managed to get these hung up on the walls yet, and I may wait until I get my picture (Mom's Kitchen) finished. The jelly jar is one of 6 that I got. The green jar was with them. I assume the green jar is also a jelly jar, but I've not seen a green jelly jar before. I bid on the entire box of 6 jars just for that green jar! I know, it's a sickness...but I really wanted that green jar!
Isn't this old cake decorating kit cool? Instead of a pastry bag, it's all tin.

I actually bought 2 sets of enamel pans. this set of red and white ones and a set of brown and tan ones. The brown and tan ones are in now in our camper ready for summer camping trips.

My last Kitchen purchase was this set of Fire King cake pans. They are impossible to find these days. Mom has a set and I used them for a lot of my 4-H cooking and for layer cakes when I was growing up. I really prefer baking in glass pans simply because they don't rust and I think they are easier to clean.
Great treasures came home with me. And...I think I'll just have to go to a few more auctions...even if Kev says I don't have enough wall space...what does he know...he's a guy!


Grandma Sue said...

The green dish looks like a custard dish. It would be set in a pan of water in the oven to bake. I have a cake decorator in one of my boxes. Who will find it? :)

Grandma Sue said...

I also have a flour sifter, glass cake pans, and jello molds in my cupboard. Guess someone else can have all those now. :)

Shelljo said...

ummmm....no, I'd be happy to take them off your hands and on my walls :)

The green dish is exactly the same brand and design as the jelly jars. At first, I thought it might be a custard dish too, but now I'm not sure. Doesn't matter, it's on the shelf with my 2 green depression glass pieces!