Monday, May 17, 2010

Surprising Kev

I finally did it. It only took me 20 years, but I finally surprised Kev with a gift.

Oh, I've bought him lots of gifts over the years, but he's not an easy person to buy for. He's not picky, or materialistic...which probably makes it harder to buy for him because he just doesn't want much.

But the worst part of trying to buy a gift for Kev is that he always guesses what I got him before I give it to him.

For example...several years ago, I bought him a reciprocating saw, or a saws-all. Kev's brother Dan went to the store with me and helped me pick out a good saw for Kev. I smuggled it home, got it wrapped and put under the Christmas tree. A few days later, Kev said, "Can I open my saw and use it now? It would sure come in handy." He'd figured it out. He does it all the time.

It makes it very frustrating for me because he's always surprising me, and I want to do the same for him. And this year, I succeeded!

Since we moved here, Kev's been bow hunting on the ground and a few times, he's been burned by the deer. They've spotted him. So, I got the idea to buy Kev a Ghille suit. I found one I liked in Cabela's, and ordered it for Kev's birthday. I had it shipped to work so he wouldn't see the box and somehow guess what I'd ordered.

Now, he's never mentioned wanting a ghille suit, so I wasn't sure this would pan out. I was so afraid he'd open it, grunt, and tell me he didn't need a ghille suit, and to send it back. (He's done that before.)

But, no! He was thrilled! He'd been thinking about looking at one, hadn't mentioned it. He tried it on and offered to go lay down in the pasture to see if he "disappeared". He's now eager for hunting season again, just for the chance to wear his new suit.

And, I'm excited because finally, after 20 years, I got to surprise him with a gift he likes and didn't expect. And that made us both happy on his birthday.

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Karin said...

Sounds like our house!Congratulations on finally pulling it off and Happy Birthday to the birthday boy! Hunting goodies are always a hit around here and shopping at Cabela's...well, you can't really go wrong there!