Friday, May 14, 2010

a text conversation and a crisis

Life with a teenage girl is never dull. Take for example this text conversation we had yesterday, as Miss Kat was on her way to a track meet. The final meet of the year...

11:43 a.m. Thursday.

Miss Kat: Can u get me some money somehow? I didn't eat lunch and I forgot mine.

Me: am I going to get money to you? Are you running? If so maybe Andy will come to the meet and bring you some money.

Miss Kat: No I'm not. Kim is here. I didn't eat Mom!

Me: What am I supposed to do from Dodge? (I'm thinking...Girl, why didn't you plan yourself. And, seriously? This is a crisis?)

Miss Kat: Give some to Andy. Just like 5 or something.

Me: Let me text him (to see if he's going to the meet).

Miss Kat: Thanks.

I texted Andy. Who had decided not to go to the meet since Kat wasn't running.

Me: Andy isn't going...So, I guess you will have to figure something out yourself...Sorry.

Miss Kat: Mom! I didn't fricken eat lunch! This is freakin stupid! He just doesn't want to do anything.

Me: Kat, it's not his fault. YOU should have eaten. You'll live till you get home...sorry babe. (And I'm thinking...SERIOUSLY, this is ANDY's fault? SERIOUSLY? Good Lord. Just who raised this child?)

Miss Kat: We didn't eat at school!

Me: Oh, ok then... (as I was thinking...SERIOUSLY? I guessed on earth is this MY problem?)

Miss Kat: I'm hungry

Me: I'm sorry maybe you can bum some from from a friend...either that or do without.

Miss Kat: That's frickin' retarded.

Me: you have any other ideas? (as I'm thinking. are getting on my last nerve with this attitude. Serves you right.)

Miss Kat: What do you think?

Me: No idea...ask someone to help you out (all the while I'm thinking...Girl, why is this everyone's fault but your own? You knew you had a meet today. You knew when you were leaving town. You knew you needed why is this suddenly MY problem? Good grief, who ARE your parents?)

Miss Kat: Then can you please get me some Bob Evans Macaroni?

Me: How, I'm in Dodge! (and I'm thinking...What? Why the shift from help me, and it's all Andy's fault to "Buy me some Bob Evans Macaroni?" Did I miss something in translation?)

At this point. The conversation ended. Since I am the epitome of thoughtfulness and concern for the physical health and mental well being of my child...I thought about how I could get her some money or food.

Then it hit me... Faye and Frosty, friends from Big E, were going to be there watching their grandson run. So, I called my Mom and asked her if they were still going. Then I explained the crisis--er, problem--and asked if Mom could call Faye (who happens to be her best friend and who's number Mom's phone automatically dials when it's picked up) and ask Faye to loan Kat some money for food. I could then pay Faye back either this weekend or get money to Mom to get to Faye.

So, Mom called Faye, who said "sure". Then Mom called me back. I then texted and called Miss Kat back and told her to find Layton's Grandma who would help her out. Unfortunately, Kat never replied to my message. But, Faye found her and saved the day. God bless Faye...

Although, it was really tempting to just let Miss Kat go without lunch...just to teach her to plan and to be responsible and to take care of herself...yeah right...think it will ever happen? Yeah, I don't think so either...

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