Tuesday, February 03, 2009


Well, our home cured bacon is...

well it's...

OK, it's...


Kev and I tested it last Thursday night. We sliced up one slab. It was much better than any we've ever gotten from the locker, but not quite as smoky as we'd like.

On Friday night, Kev mentioned that one of the guys he works for was firing up his big smoker on Saturday. He told Kev to bring the bacon slabs over, and he'd smoke them for us. He just smoked them for a couple of hours.

Wow! What a difference that made! When I opened the cooler, I got a face full of the smell, smoky goodness smell.

We then put them in the freezer for a few hours to partially freeze. Then, we got out our meat slicer and slice up all our bacon. Of course, we had to test a couple of pieces out. They were delicious! Perfect.

Our hams are still in the brine. I think they'll be ready to come out this Thursday or Friday. I'm planning on cooking one up this weekend. Just hope it's as good as our bacon!

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