Friday, February 13, 2009

It's a better day

Well, Andy will live. His rash isn't anything life threatening thank goodness. (Being me, I was running through the worst case scenario's in my's's's Ebola...don't ask me where he'd get such diseases, cause I don't have any answers.)

Andy's rash is a viral rash, he can rattle off the Latin term for it. Me, it's some viral rash. What I thought was ringworm was the "Mother ship" of the rash and the rest have spread from that initial spot. So, I guess it's a good thing we sent him to the Dr. We've got a script for a steroid cream which should take care of it. Of course I think we'll need the industrial sized tub of cream before it's gone, and I hope it's relatively cheap...

Miss Kat has forgiven us somewhat. Of course that might just be because after taking allergy medicine, she felt better. See, Mom isn't so stupid after all...even if she won't admit it....

To make my evening better, only one chick was outside last night. She was also outside the pen, but I easily picked her up, took her back to the chicken house and gently explained why it's bad for young hens to leave the safety of the pen. I think she understood and I hope she learned her lesson. My lone surviving adult hen has started laying eggs again. One egg a day isn't a lot, but they sure are tasty!

Maybe things are calming down at my house...maybe.

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