Thursday, February 12, 2009

Pass me the award

I deserve the "Bad Mom Award" today.

Miss Kat was whiny last night about not feeling good, so I put her to bed, tucked her in, gave her an additional blanket and told her we'd see how she felt this morning.

This morning, she complained about a headache, sore throat, and upset tummy. But no temperature. Her color was good. After some medical examination and a question/answer session, the diagnosis was...


Headache in sinus region.

Sore throat from sinus drainage.

Upset tummy from all that snot that drained into her tummy.

I gave her an allergy pill, told her to suck it up and go to school.

Then her brother got out of the shower.

He was very sick this weekend (naturally when his grandparents were here to visit). He was sick through Tuesday. On Monday evening or Tuesday (the days blur together), he pointed out a rash on his hips and below the waist, but it was spreading up his torso. I thought it looked like measles, or maybe a fever rash, so didn't worry, but decided to watch it.

It's Thursday, and the rash looks the same, not better, not really worse. I don't think it's spreading, but he shouldn't have it.

So, I'm trying to call the Dr to get him in to see someone. And I sent him to school with his sister (who's mad because we're worrying more about her brother than we are her.) I'm going to send him to the Dr on his own. I didn't stay home to take him, I'm not going home to take him, I'm letting him go on his own. And, that's bad, isn't it? If I was a good Mom, I'd be home with him and take him to the Dr.

If I was a good Mom, I'd have let Miss Kat stay home, and I'd have stayed with her.

Instead, I'm at work, making my babies take care of themselves. Pass the Award, I've earned it today.


Troy said...

I do note that Miss Kat wrote on her Facebook she was not happy today :) In any event, keep me updated! It sounds like things are getting crazy around your place, what with the weird rashes and way-ward chicks. Have you ever thought about getting smart chickens, my memory tells me your last batch wasn't the brightest, either :)

Shelljo said...

Things are always crazy at my place! There's not a normal person or animal on the place!