Tuesday, February 24, 2009

My addiction

I think I need an intervention.

See, I have this addiction, and it's bad. I have to feed this addiction at least once a week.

Occasionally, I'll feed it twice a week.

No, it's not Dr Pepper.

Instead it's an Arby's Classic Italian Sub Sandwich.

It's a bad addiction.

If I ever go out to lunch, I'm going to get that Sub. If someone invites me to lunch, and asks where I'd like to go...I'm going to get that Sub. If Kev wants to go out and eat, I'm ready for a Sub. If the kids want Sonic or McDonalds, or Long Johns, I'm walkin' to get my Sub. I haven't eaten anywhere else for months. It's bad!

Only, I think I just cured my addiction, because I just looked it up online and found that it has

780 calories.

O my. Ignorance was bliss...

I could probably have a Blizzard from DQ with fewer calories than this sandwich has.

I'm sad, cause it's so good...

Time to look for another addiction and another lunch menu item.

I think I'll now go mourn.

Goodbye crusty bread.

Goodbye crunchy red onions.

Goodbye tangy banana peppers.

Goodbye messy, tasty, tangy sauce.

I'm gonna miss you.

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