Thursday, February 05, 2009

cars and a rant....

We just got the car out of the shop. Finally. And, getting it fixed, wiped out our bank account. In fact, after writing the check, we were $5.00 in the hole!

But, I fixed that today.

While I love driving the's an expensive car to own. Every time we take it to the mechanic or for body cost's a minimum of $1500. Every time I think I can put money in savings and build it up, something goes wrong with the car and my "hard saved" money all goes to someone else.

And insurance is NO help. I wonder why I pay oodles and oodles of money to insurance companies, and when I need to make a claim, it still costs me a fortune, and they still won't pay.

I've decided that insurance is just legalized extortion.

You are required by law to have insurance, but they aren't required to really help, or give you your money back. And, when they do decide to help, they want to increase your rates, even though you might not have had a claim in 10 years. Yep, extortion.

I'd drop insurance on my cars, but I'd be the one to get caught. Maybe I need to become friends with some of the illegal aliens around here, they never seem to pay for insurance, and they sure drive nice cars...

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