Monday, February 09, 2009

Kill them with Pork!

Kev's folks visited us this week. They arrived on Thursday, and left today. Kev had Friday off, and I took a vacation day so we could enjoy their visit every day they were here. (To be honest, I think they were looking forward to naps, and down time on Friday, but that didn't happen!)

I told them I planned on killing them with pork during their visit. I was kidding, but I really did try to kill them with pork.

See, yesterday, for Sunday dinner, we decided to cook up one of our hams that came out of the brine on Thursday evening. All would have gone well, except for one small fact...

Our hams hadn't been precooked. Nope, it was a raw ham I put in the oven at 10:30 Sunday morning. Lunch was scheduled for 1:00.

A store-bought ham, a precooked ham would have been cooked to perfection at that time.

Mine was cooked to perfection for a whopping 1/2 inch. Internal temperature near the bone was a whopping 110 degrees. Somehow, I don't think you should eat a ham that is only 110 degrees.

So, we improvised. We sliced ham off, and then fried it to make sure it was really cooked well. For some reason, no one wanted to get sick! (The rest of the ham went back into the oven for another 2 hours.)

It was good, but I felt bad about the faux-pas. But, my mothers--yep, both Mom's were nice and said they never would have thought about needing extra time for the raw ham. We've all been spoiled by processed foods.

But, we did eat our fill of Pork this weekend...bacon, ribs, ham. Yum.

And, most importantly, no one got sick...yet.

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