Tuesday, April 28, 2009

almost finished

Take your right hand. Hold it up in front of you, where you can see it. Place your index finger approximately one inch from your thumb.

That's how close we are to having all our inside projects finished.

Photos will follow...eventually.

The bathroom is all but finished. I need to touch up some paint, and that's it.

The pellet stove wall is rocked and we have a mantle in place. All that is left on it is to finish the trim on the window. Well, and I need to decide what "pretties" I want to put on the mantle. Right now, it's holding an elk antler. I'll probably leave it and add something else. I haven't decided if I should add curtains, or a valance in the window yet. But, that can wait, the important thing is...it's that close to being finished.

I have one curtain sewed and up in the dining room. I've had the fabric for over a year, and have finally figured out what I wanted the curtains to look like. I think I'll be able to finish them this weekend.

Both of the previously mentioned projects should also be finished by this weekend. Then...then we'll be done with inside projects. Well, for the time being. We're never completely done. I swear, we could build a house and once we moved in, we'd start remodeling something.

Once the inside projects are finished...we'll move on to the outside projects. Kev wants to get some landscaping done around his pond...before graduation. We have two working weekends left before graduation. Will we reach our goals? Stay tuned...

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