Monday, April 06, 2009

Miss Kat' at the DAR award ceremony

Miss Kat drew a poster for the local DAR (Daughters of the American Revolution) competition. She placed first locally, at State, and took 2nd at the District level, which consists of 9 states. When they gave the awards, they went up by age, from First Grade on up. Thus, the little girls in this photo. They were first, second, and third graders. Miss Kat is a 7th grader, and only competed with other 7th graders.

This look says, "M.o.t.h.e.r. stop with the camera already."
This look says, "Fine. If you won't stop, I'll just make stupid faces to annoy you like you are annoying me!"

And this, this is my beautiful girl. She cleans up as nicely as her big brother does.
The awards ceremony was held at Fort Dodge, the Kansas Soldiers Home. After the military abandoned the fort in the 1890's, it was made into a Soldiers Home. There are small cottages there for Soldiers--usually elderly who can care for themselves. There's also an assisted living area, and a Nursing Home. Veterans can live there, as can the wives or widows, or mothers of veterans. It's a unique community.


Grandma Sue said...

What a special honor this is for our granddaughter. We have seen evidence for many years of her artistic talent (all artists are "unusual", right?). We would like to think that we helped her along the way when she got art supplies for birthday/Christmas gifts. GO KAT! We are proud of you!

Shelljo said...

Oh! I can blame you! That sounds good to me! LOL