Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The Honor Roll

Last night, we attended the High School's Honors Banquet. Each year, they have a banquet for those students who have been on the Honor Roll for both semesters.

Andy has been on the Honor Roll since we've been here. In fact, I believe he's been on the honor roll all but one semester while being in High School. There were several Seniors on the Honor Roll this year. Well, I guess several is the appropriate adjective when you have a class of 18, and 8 kids made the Honor Roll. However, of that 18, three kids were International Students, kids who are here on an Exchange program. Two of those three kids are boys.

The only "local" boy to make the Honor Roll was Andy. I think that makes him pretty special; being the only local boy on the Senior class honor roll. Interestingly, each of the other grades also only had one boy who made the grade. (Hummm...maybe these boys were only on there for affirmative action...) Anyway, we all know that when it comes to book learnin', girls are smarter than boys.

That's what I thought growing up...see, of the top 6 kids in my high school class, 5 of us were girls. Actually, we girls probably were the top students of the top third of my class. And, the trend was the same in most of the classes in my school. Today, I know that all women aren't smarter than men. But, it took me a while to appreciate that someones intelligence isn't necessarily reflective on how well they did in High School.

But, I'm still very proud of my son for being the only boy in his class who made the Honor Roll for the past two years.

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