Monday, April 06, 2009

Da Prom

I have some pictures from Prom to post. And, I hope to do that tonight. I've also got a couple of pictures of Miss Kat getting her award. I'll post them too. Tonight. I promise! Maybe. I'll try. I really will.

I think Andy had a great time at Prom this year. His date was Miss Bailey, and she looked beautiful. They both clean up real nice. Miss Bailey started getting ready around 2 in the afternoon. Andy, he drug himself into the shower around 4:30. I told both to be ready by 5:30 because I wanted pictures at home before they left. It was rather fun watching Miss Bailey get ready, and comparing her frenzy to Andy's 5 minute shower. And, he wasn't going to shave. But Bailey told him to shave, so he did. It didn't matter that I told him to shave, and that Kev told him to shave, and Kim told him to shave...the one to convince him to shave....Bailey.

The kids went to Prom at 6. The Junior parents cooked supper and then the kids were ready for the promenade. We all went up to watch that. My Mom came up as well. It was fun seeing all the girl's dresses, and the guy's choice of tuxes. They all cleaned up real nice.

Highlight of the night for me was winning the After-Prom Committee raffle. I won $500! How exciting! I've never won anything fun before. What will I spend it on? Probably Andy's graduation present. I'd really like to get myself a nice SLR Digital Camera, will wait till later, after I get the camper paid for, and the car, and maybe the pickup.

Which reminds me of the "low-light" of the weekend...I dented the fender on the diesel pickup. Yep, I was backing out, watching what was behind me and forgot to watch for the basketball goal pole beside me. Ladies, when you do something like this, and you're afraid to tell your husband, do it when you have company. He won't yell as long or as loud. You will, however, have to put up with snide comments, and bad jokes from both your husband and from your company...

Back to the Prom...

After the promenade, the kids had their dance, then they had "After Prom". And finally they had a "After-After Prom" Breakfast at one of Andy's friend's house. He and Miss Bailey got home at 5 a.m. Tired, but both said they had a great time.

For me, as a was bittersweet. My little boy has only one major mile-stone left in this, his senior year. Boy, it's going fast.

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