Monday, September 21, 2009

Fall's arrived

Yesterday afternoon, Kev and I ran down to Mom and Dad's. We kidnapped them, and went cruising around in the country. We went up to the Sand Creek Ranch to check it out for hunting. Kev was given permission to hunt it, but he just wanted to look it over, and since Daddy knows that area pretty well...we drug him along. Mom too.

Then we went by the farm to check out our tree stand there--to make sure it was in good condition, and that no critters had chewed away any ropes holding it in place. All well and good. A few branches need to be trimmed, but all in all, it's in good shape.

Then, we checked in the trees for some scrapes and rubs. Didn't find any of those, but did find hundreds of Monarch Butterflies. When Kev and Dad walked through the trees, Mom and I just stopped and watched the butterflies fly around. We counted at least 40 resting on branches, they'd move around and fly all around us. They were beautiful! Sure would have been nice to have a camera, but of course I didn't have it.

Imagine...hundreds of butterflies flitting around your head. It was a wonderful sight.

We decided that Fall must be here as they had to be migrating south. Which fits. The roads have been full of migrating caterpillars and tarantulas. Fall has arrived a few days early to SW Kansas.

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