Thursday, September 03, 2009


There are times when I'm really not sure that my daughter will become a good adult.

Heck, there are times when I'm not sure she'll become an adult. There's a good reason why some animals eat their young, and at times...I've been tempted myself! And then, at times, I get these glimpses of the person she's becoming; and I think to myself that maybe there is hope after all.

Last night, I got several of those glimpses.

Miss Kat and I had appointments with the hair dresser. I arrived first (she was in town already at a friends house.) I was sitting there in the chair, getting my hair cut when I caught a glimpse of this pretty, young girl walking by. Long legs, easy confident stride. Then she stopped by my car and threw something in the back seat. Oh! It's my girl!

My mental image of Miss Kat, the one I carry with me, is not quite what I saw, and seeing her look more like a young lady than a young girl is quite a shock to the system. Then she saw me, and smiled. She's got a beautiful smile. One of those heart stopping smiles that makes you warm inside.

She came in, and was just bubbly and chatty and happy. And, she stayed that way all night long. No mood swings, no temper tantrums, no anger. She was just so full of life and light.

It gives me hope for the future seeing this glimpse of the woman that my daughter will someday become.

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L.Howerter said...

I raised a young man, and now I am the mother of a 15 year old girl.. they are hard to understand, moody and difficult... but I so enjoy spending girl time with her. From time to time I catch the glimpses as well, and it really makes me smile inside.