Monday, September 14, 2009

A day at the State Fair

We went to the State Fair on Saturday. It's the first time Kev has gone to the Kansas State Fair. Last time I was there was 4 years ago, one week after Andy got out of the hospital from his scary bout with Pneumonia. And before that, it had been 20 years! I used to go to the fair all the time when I was in 4-H.

This time, Andy drove up with his girlfriend, while Kev, and I drove up with Miss Kat and one of her friends, Gen. We met Kim & Bob and family at the fair since they live near there. The kids spent their time (and my money) on the Midway, while we adults cruised the commercial exhibits. (Does this mean that I'm getting old, that I'd rather not be on the Midway?)

Kev and I did go in the Domestic Arts building, which I probably enjoyed more than he did. I saw one cross-stitched picture that would look perfect in my kitchen. I just need to find it, buy it and stitch it up!

We looked at domestic solar water pumps (which we could afford), and wind generators (which we can't afford.) We looked at PTO stuff for tractors (which we don't need) and we looked at campers (which we don't need, and can't afford) and we looked at 4 wheelers (which Kev is seriously considering.)

We also walked through the commercial buildings, watching the vendors hawk their merchandise. (How many different kinds of waterless cookware are there? I saw at least 5 vendors!) My favorite vendors? The locally grown honey and the Watkins booth. I dropped some cash at the Watkins booth and stocked up on Clear Vanilla, Double strength Vanilla, Butter flavoring and Almond extract. Now, I'm ready to bake.

We also made a point to go see the Butter Sculpture. It's beautiful, a horse being shod, and the horse just bit the farrier's patootie...but I can't help wondering what happens to all that butter once the fair is over. If they just throw it away, well, I wish they'd call me then, I'd use it! Don't know where I'd store it...and I can just imagine the comments I'd get when it was time to use the butter from the horse's "hindquarters", or the farrier's patootie...

One thing we planned on doing, but didn't, was to ride "Ye Old Mill."

Ye Old Mill is the oldest ride at the fair, built in 1917. It's one of those water rides where you sit in the boat and ride around viewing different vignettes. Some nice, some scary. I wanted to ride it with Kev, cause it's one of those "love canal" rides, and I wanted a smooch on the ride. I got the smooch, but we were just too tired to stand in line for a chance to ride "Ye Old Mill."

Ya know, back when I was in high school and college, I could walk around all day long, and far into the evening at the fair and be ready to go for more the next day. Not anymore! I was pooped by 7:00 when we left! And I was still tired yesterday too. Man, I must be getting old!

All in all, we had a great time at the Kansas State Fair.

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agent713 said...

I've noticed a ton of "waterless cookware" at our exhibits lately too.
"We're unique"
"No you're not. Dude on the next isle over has the same stuff!"

The butter sculpture sounds interesting!