Thursday, March 11, 2010

Life with a teenage girl

If I survive these next 4 or 5 years of living with a teenage girl, it will be a miracle. I honestly do not think I was as dramatic or as emotional or as flighty as Miss Kat is. Lord love a duck, that child is something else. In the past week, I've seen her
  • madder than a wet hen
  • sobbing as if the world had just ended, and
  • bouncing off the walls with happiness.

And a couple of those emotions were within 10 minutes!

Kev and I ran to Wichita last Saturday to attend the Garden Show. We got home around 5 and found Miss Kat sobbing uncontrollably. So, I sat down with her in her room to discover what was wrong. I knew that she had been invited to a friends house that evening for a Movie Night. She was excited to get to go. And,, she was crying.

We didn't know where the girls house was exactly, so Miss Kat had texted the hostess and several other girls who were going to get directions. But, no one had texted her back. Miss Kat, being the logical and level headed person she is, immediately jumped to the conclusion that she was no longer invited and that everyone was laughing at her for thinking she was invited. She also decided that everyone must be mad at her.

All because no one texted her back.

So, I tried to be reasonable and tell her that maybe the girls didn't have their phones, or thought that Kat was kidding about not knowing where the party was, and I assured her that no one was mad and that they'd call and give us directions. And, right after I said that, and right after she'd slowed down on the sobbing and crying; her phone rang.

It was the hostess wondering just why Miss Kat wasn't there yet! She gave Kat directions, and I ran her to town. (After we made sure her eyes weren't puffy from the crying.) The kids had a great time, and Miss Kat wound up spending the night.

Tuesday night, she asked Kev and I if she could host a Movie night this Saturday. While we weren't against it, we decided that we wanted to think about it a couple of days. After all, something might come up unexpectedly... On Wednesday evening, I got a text from her telling me that the party would need to be on Friday because some of the kids were going out of town on Saturday and she proceeded to list the names of the kids she invited...

Wait a minute...did Kev and I say "Yes", and forget? Are we that senile? I thought we said "Maybe" and now the party is planned! What???? And, on the list of names were 3 boys' names... Are we ready for a co-ed party? Do we want teenage girls and teenage boys in our house? At the same time?

Miss Kat reassured me, and made me feel so much more comfortable when she said, "Don't worry, we won't do anything. "

To which I thought, "Damn straight! You won't do anything!" and now, I was feeling so much more comfortable with the thought of teenagers of both sexes in my house... whoo boy...

After much lengthy conversation, we decided to allow the party...

Today, I brought to work with me a shopping list. On that list are highly nutritional snacks like Doritos, M&M's and lots of pop. Miss Kat has promised to clean the house tonight. Kev and I have said the kids can be upstairs--with the big screen TV and with us near by. Kat's so stinkin' excited that she makes me want to drug her up, just to bring her back down to earth.

Man...Not only do I have to survive this party, but I also have 4 more years of living with a teenager. Prayers welcome; I need all the help I can get!

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