Wednesday, March 03, 2010

"This marriage on hold for Kansas Basketball..."

The Kansas, K-State Basketball game just finished. It was an experience...

Andy is a K-State fan. Kev is a die-hard fanatic KU fan. Both were watching the game...but on different TVs. Andy, downstairs, Kev across the room. Neither are quiet fans.

Andy would yell for his team, and we'd hear it echo upstairs. Kev would yell for his team, and it would echo downstairs. Kat would occasionally join in with the KU cheerleaders with chants. I'll tell ya, between the three of them, my life is..interesting...

I have to say, watching Kev watch a KU game is entertaining...more entertaining than the game. He's on his knees, he' yelling at the TV, he's hugging pillows, he's almost as bad as a kid hyped up on sugar.

He's a Jayhawk, and right now, he's really happy. Andy...poor Andy hasn't said a word since the last two minutes of the game. Wonder if he'd appreciate condolences from his dad?

Rock Chalk Jayhawk!

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Gina said...

Yes, I bet my entire family is disappointed! Well except me :)