Wednesday, March 31, 2010

My new Old Crap

Guess what! Miss Kat found my camera. she whined about having to find "my" camera, but in the end...she's the last one to use it, and it was right where she left it. But, I have it now, and took a couple of shot of some of my "new" old crap... The dishpan. Note that it' missing one of it' handles...but no one knows the story anymore. It sure shows its age and wear and tear. No matter. I'll either use it as a decoration--you know, something to gather dust--or, I'll plant flowers in it.
This is the dish cabinet. It's pretty dirty right now. I think one of my uncles started stripping it--or maybe that bare spot on the doors is from years of people opening and closing the glass doors. The back is bead board backed by solid oak boards. Three shelves in the top section. One shelf in the bottom section. We can only get one drawer open right now, so we'll have to work on that. But, a good wash, a good sanding and a little TLC, and she'll clean right up.
I can remember this cabinet sitting in the kitchen at Grandma's--before the tornado. It's been in retirement since 1973. It's time for this beauty to join the world.

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