Thursday, February 21, 2008

A matter of interpretation

The kids didn't have school yesterday. So, being the good parents that we are, Kev and I left them a list of chores to have done by the time we got home. We weren't too optimistic about them actually getting done, because last Friday, they also didn't have school, and we also left a list of chores to be done when we got home. Those chores were important, because we wanted to leave town and had to make sure all animals were cared for with lots of food and water before we left. It wasn't done. Kev and I spent 45 minutes finishing chores that the kids should have done.

We weren't happy.

So, we tried again yesterday. We left a list and lectured about how they--the kids--needed to do much better than they had done on Friday. And, actually, they did really well on the chores. Andy had finished his chores. Kat still had stuff to pick up in the Living Room. She argued with us about it. Cause, when I got home I said...

"Kat, you haven't picked up the living room yet."

"Yes I did."

"Then why are those dirty dishes still on the end table and why are those shoes still on the floor and why is your stuff still on the couch, and why are your clean pants still on the stair rail? And, you didn't dust."

"You didn't say that I had to do all that stuff. You just said I had to vacuume and clean the Living Room, not pick everything up."

"Yes I did, it's in the note."

She then marches into the Kitchen and picks up the note and reads "Clean the Living room."

Her dad then asked..."so, what does CLEAN the Living Room mean?"

Kat replied, "dust and put everything away."

Kev said..."isn't that just what Mom said you didn't do?"

She marched out the room, making that humph sound that she does so well...

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