Friday, February 08, 2008


Kev and I drove to work seperately today. I'm able to leave early to go home and watch Andy's game. Kev has a late patient and can't get away.

So, I'm tooling down the highway, listening to the radio, thinking of how I really like riding to work with my husband, and how lonely it is riding by yourself, when my phone rings. I fished it out of my pocket and saw that it was Kev calling--maybe he misses me riding with him too, and wanted to call and just say hi! As I looked up, a bright yellow VW passed me.

I thought to myself, as I answered, "He'd better not be calling me just to Slugbug me."

I said, "Hello." And heard...

"Yellow slugbug."

The man is an idiot. And, he's just not very nice...

but I love him anyway.

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