Monday, February 18, 2008


There are two persons in my house who are female. I am one, and we all can figure out exactly WHO the other is...

Only one of the females in my house is old enough to wear makeup. The other isn't allowed to wear it until she's in 7th grade. But, somehow, this other person has managed to wear makeup at various times during her short life. One of these times was at a middle school dance. Now, I allowed makeup to the Halloween dance, because it was...well, it was Halloween.

I'm not a big makeup person. As I've gotten older, I've gotten lazy. Where I used to go the whole nine yards with foundation, blush, eyeshadow, eyeliner, mascara and maybe even lip gloss, now I simply use eyeliner and mascara. I call it laziness. I just don't want to take the time to get all dolled up just for work. And, I'm married to a man who doesn't care if I get dolled up, so I don't.

On Friday morning, I applied my normal makeup of eyeliner and mascara and went off to work. The other female person who lives here didn't have school, so I left her behind at home. Her duty for the day was basically to get ready to go to Colby for a weekend trip. We left for our trip as soon as Kev and I got home from work. I packed our bag. The kids had already packed theirs. It was a good weekend. We returned home yesterday afternoon and I unpacked my bag. It was then that I discovered the missing eyeliner.

I didn't pack my eyeliner. I knew I wasn't going to wear makeup over the weekend, so I left the eyeliner and mascara on the sink, where they live. But, on our arrival at home, my eyeliner was missing.
It was not on the sink.
It was not on the floor.
It was not in my suitcase.
It was not in the trash.
It was not in the bathroom.
It was not in the bedroom.

It was lost. could it get lost? Where could it be?

I asked the other female person...who denys ever seeing it. I asked Kev, who denied ever touching it. I didn't bother asking Andy, as he won't step foot near anything that looks like makeup.

Oh, I have my suspicions...but no proof.

I suspect that OTHER female person. I suspect that she "borrowed" it and lost it. Unfortunately, I also suspect that this other female person had earlier borrowed my brand new eyeliner pencil, as it is not in the drawer. It is so suspicious that both of my eyeliner pencils have disappeared on the same day...

But I'm not blaming anyone.

It's just suspicious.

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