Friday, September 12, 2008

confessions of a football mom

Andy's playing football this year, as a senior. He hasn't played football since 8th grade, and even then, he didn't play much. Colby simply had too many kids out for football, and they have a "rule" that every kid get to play in every game. That kind of philosophy doesn't lend itself to developing good football players and it doesn't really give many kids a taste for the sport.

So, this is a first for us...being "football parents". We're two games into the season, and I'm not sure who's enjoying it more--Andy, his grandparents, or Kev and I.

Right before the start of the season, Andy told us that he's played just about every position on the field--except center and quarterback. To me, that means he's been a lineman and a person who catches the ball and he's done something on defense. I think he's played as a lineman there and what ever those guys in the back do. (I'm really into football, can't you tell???)

We haven't had high expectations of him, simply because he's so inexperienced! Heck, the freshmen players probably have all had more time on the field than Andy had. But, he mainly went out to have fun with his friends and that's what is really important. Believe me, I have never expected to see NFL recruiters at any of our games!

So...Bucklin plays 8 man football. My high school team played 11 man football. I know there are several differences between 8 man and 11 you have only 8 men on the field instead of 11, and the field is shorter. There's probably more differences, but I have no idea what they would be. I told you, I'm really into football!

Tonight, we drove to Minneola to watch the game. My folks drove up to watch as well since it's close to home for them, and they know several Minneola kids. Now, last game, the first of the season, Andy only played on the special teams--the kicking team, and the receiving team. That's what we expected tonight.

But, someone on the first string got hurt early in the second half, and Andy was sent in. He played on the line, on the end of the line. I don't know what position it was...maybe the end, cause he did go out for passes and such. So, the 4 of us (Kev, me, and Mom and Dad) stood on the sidelines behind the team bench and watched from there.

We'd watch Andy tackle and block and visit about how well he was or wasn't doing. (Cause, as you can tell, I really know my football.) Then, he runs way around the side into the end zone. I stood there and said "Please don't throw it to my son, please don't throw it to my son..." Which made my mother laugh. Mom reassured me that Andy was just the Trojan Horse. Whew! That's stressful! What if they HAD thrown the ball to him, and he dropped it! O it's much easier not having any expectations like that!

Then, later, Mom and I noticed that Andy was dropping way back behind the line. We said to each other "what in the heck is he doing back there?" Then, the ball was snapped back to my son. And, then, he punted the ball. My heart just about stopped. What in the heck was my son doing punting the ball? But, you know what, it was a darn good kick. It really was, it went far down the field, it had good height and a nice spiral. (See, some things I do know about!) We were all flabbergasted! While I knew that he'd been practicing kicking, I had no idea he was doing so well at it! Poor Kev, he didn't know that Andy had bee practicing at kicking.

And another play, he got hurt. O crap. That really gets your heart going. What actually happened, was he got the wind knocked out of him. He sat out a couple of plays, and was back in the game. And then...o the heartbeat, take deep breaths....

He went down field for a pass. And, it was thrown at him! O my gosh, that silly Quarterback was throwing a ball at my baby! O crap. What if he missed it? What if it was intercepted? What if he caught and made a touchdown??? O crap, o crap. So, the ball is soaring through the air, my son is running down the field, watching it. There was a Minneola kid right on his butt. O crap! And, the ball was past Andy. And that Minneola kid almost intercepted the pass. But, hang on, my son quickly turned, and tackled the player who dropped the ball before he had control of it, so it was an incomplete pass. At that moment, Andy looked like he knew what he was doing. He did exactly the right thing. Whew, a near disaster for this mom turned into something good. And...then, Kev and Dad started to talk, but I hushed them because the announcer was talking about the play and I heard him say "The pass was intended for...
... Hollsman." He might have paused, a long pause, but by golly, that announcer almost pronounced our name right! My little boy's name was announced at a football game! Whoo hoo!

We lost the game. In fact, it was called when Minneola got to be 48 points ahead. But, you know, in my mind, it was a victory. My little boy (who weighs 165 lbs and is 5' 11") got to play an entire half, and he played very well. It just makes one's heart swell.

I'll tell ya, you can't have a weak heart and be a football mom. Now, I just need to talk to that coach and that Quarterback, and tell them to NOT give my son the ball. I just don't think I can take that kind of pressure.

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agent713 said...

LOL You're my kind of football fan.

"I know there are several differences between 8 man and 11 you have only 8 men on the field instead of 11"

That's so something I would say!

Congrats to Andy for a half well played! And to his mom for making it through the game :)