Monday, September 29, 2008


The boys won their first game of the season! Their now at 1-3 for the season. And, they needed that win. And they played an excellent game.

On Friday, we played the Greensburg Rangers. (Yes, that Greensburg--the one wiped out by the tornado a little over a year ago.) Greensburg still doesn't have a football field, so they play at Mullenville, which is half way between Bucklin and Greensburg. It was a 10 minute drive for us from our front door to the stadium.

I don't know what they are feeding the boys in Greensburg these days, but holy cow, they had some big boys. One kid, who is being watched by Division 1 colleges, was 6'4" and weighed 270 lbs! And, he was a running back. (He was one of those guys who carries the ball and is behind the line. I think running back is right, but...yeah, I'm not sure.) There were two linemen who weighed in the 240-250 lb. range. Our guys... Well, most of them are under 200. I think we have 2 guys right at 200 lbs. So those bigger guys could, and did plow right through our line.


The guys worked together and figured out how to bring those big guys down. And they did. It was a defensive game, but our guys came out ahead in the end. They were so pumped.

Andy was so pumped. Kevin got pumped. My dad got pumped.

I got teary seeing Andy so pumped. And that was the best part of the game.

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