Wednesday, September 10, 2008

the garden

I have finally made it out to the garden and have actually picked something!

Last night, we didn't have any plans. The pond is almost done, the kids didn't have anything at school, no work, no bills to pay, no projects that had to be completed, nothing.

So, Kev and I ran outside to the garden. We ran out, holding hands with the wind blowing through our hair, the romantic music in the background...oh, sorry, I got carried away. "Ran" is a figurative term here. He walked out the the strawberry patch to pull bindweed while I walked out to the chicken house to gather eggs and fill the feeders and such.

After gathering the eggs, I went out to the garden. I decided I'd better get my onions pulled before they rotted in the ground. We've gotten a lot of moisture the past few weeks and since the tops died, well, I didn't need my onions to rot. They pulled quite easily from the damp ground. Then, Kev came over and we checked the tomatoes and the broccoli, the garlic and the jalapenos. (that's all that's left)

We decided we'd better pick the jalapenos. We picked a gallon bucket full of jalapenos! Tonight, my job will be to can them. I could chop them and freeze them for use later in making salsa, but I'm not confident that we will get enough tomatoes. We've got beautiful plants, and some green fruit, but nothing red yet. No BLT sandwiches, no salsa.

We were bad gardeners this year. We never picked our corn and I never got any beans picked or canned either. We've been that busy. So, we're holding on to the hope that next year we will not be as busy and can give our garden the attention it deserves. By next year, I'll need a good garden, because we'll have eaten everything I canned last year by then. Yikes!

I don't know if this moving and starting over business is why we weren't as good at gardening, or if we've just been that busy. I know we've both missed home grown produce, so next year, we have the goal of having a bigger and better garden.

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