Monday, September 29, 2008

Weekend recap

On Saturday, Mom and I and "Mom's bestest and oldest friend", Faye, went to the Whimmy Diddle in Scott City.

The Whimmy Diddle is a large outdoors craft fair. It was a 2.5 hour drive, but it was fun riding with Mom and her "bestest and oldest friend". Faye and Mom grew up together. For many years, while each was newly married and were raising their families, they didn't get to see each other often and the certainly didn't get to "hang out". But, now that they are older, and aren't as busy, they've reconnected and spend a lot of time together. I like watching them, and listening to their stories. It's fun seeing your mom act like a person and not your mom.

So, we spent the day at the craft show, bought a few things, then we drove home. We'd met in Minneola, so when we got there, we all stopped by the Nursing Home to see Grandma. She didn't know us at first, but did seem to after we told her who we were. In fact, she said to Mom, "oh, yes, I guess you are my daughter." Faye went to visit with someone she knew and the Nurses called Mom over to visit, so I stayed with Grandma. I told her about Miss Kat's skirt, and she did light up and was really interested in the conversation. But, she's so drugged up that she really can't stay with you very long.

We left, and I drove home. When I got home, I realized that I had left my book in Mom's car. I'm lost without a book. I always have a book to read. And, now, I'd left it in her car. I called and ordered her to drive to my house to bring it to me, but she just laughed and made some smart-alec comment about me not being able to live for one week without my book.

I'll show her. I'll get through the week just fine. After all, I just got 2 new magazine issues in the mail, so I can read them. And, I've got a cross stitch project to work on. But I still miss my book.

Yesterday, I finished Miss Kat's skirt. We will never make a living as seamstresses. I ripped out the waistband and re-pinned it to sew it back on. I then sewed it back on, all was looking well, I was pleased. Then I noticed something that we should have noticed much earlier.

We had sewed one side seam "backwards". In other words, the seam was on the outside--the front of the skirt. For cryin' out-loud. What idiot did not catch that one? (I'm not the only idiot, Kat didn't catch it either!) So, I ripped that seam out, and had to then rip the waistband out on that side. I resewed the seam--correctly, this time; sewed the waistband again and we were finished. Well, I was. Miss Kat was not around for her sewing project. But she did wear it the rest of the afternoon, prancing around and wiggling, watching that skirt swing around her legs.

Kev and I finally finished the pond. Except, last night, he found a leak in the stream. sigh. I did laundry and then I relaxed and cross stitched (since I don't have a book to read!) And, I sneezed a lot and blew my nose a lot.

I think I must be allergic to Sundays, because for the past 3 weeks, my allergies have been terrible on Sundays and more manageable on other days. Am I allergic to my house? To something in the pastures? I don't know. Other than using a box of Kleenex yesterday, it was a great weekend!

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