Friday, September 26, 2008

Life with Miss Kat

You know, I think I could have an entire blog titled "Life with Miss Kat," cause life is sure interesting with her. O my.

Yesterday, she had a Volleyball game. She really really really likes us to watch her play, dance, perform, prance...she likes attention. (She does not get that from her mother.) That's fine, but she also doesn't understand when we can't attend something. She expects us to drop everything we are doing just to watch her.

Now, yesterday, Kev couldn't go to her game, but I had arranged to try and come. Kev would ride home with Patrick and I would leave early. Only it didn't turn out the way we planned.

Patrick didn't work at all yesterday, so Kev didn't have a ride home. And my only staff person went home sick at 1:00, so I couldn't leave. Miss Kat called at 2:30 asking me to bring her a bottle of water and I had to break the news to her. Let's just say she wasn't happy.

We got home about 6 and stopped at the school. Kat was on the floor in the gym, playing Volleyball! They were playing a "C" team game, and she was playing. So, we did get to watch her. So, Kev and I redeemed ourselves by getting to watch Miss Kat play. She's improved. That makes me happy, and I told her how much she's improved.

After the game, and after supper, Miss Kat and Andy went back to town to watch the Jr. High boys football game. The kids came home around 9, when the game was over. Miss Kat was bubbly and bouncy and chattering like a chipmunk. I don't think she even cared if I listened. Then, suddenly, she jumps up off the floor and starts doing cheers. Football cheers, BJS cheers, actions, chants, jumps. The whole nine yards. Just out of the blue. Then, when she knew I was watching, she just laughed and stopped.

I was afraid to ask what was up with her! She then informs me that she thinks she'll try out as a cheerleader next year. Not news to me, I've been expecting this since the girl started school. And, remember, she likes attention. I happen to like this goofy person!

This morning...sigh...this morning, I get a phone call while driving to work.

"Mom, I need money today."

Now, I ask you...I'm 30 miles away from home. How the heck am I going to get money to Miss Kat?

I ask her "what do you need money for today?"

"I need to pay for my band shirt."

"Kat, I wrote you a check for it over 2 weeks ago. I saw that check on your bed last Friday. Why didn't you take it?"

"He didn't want it when we were at KU, so I brought it home. But, I can't find it now and I have to pay him today."

I'm getting a little steamed at this point, because...somehow...this was my fault.

"Well, Kat, I guess you'll have to get into the change jar and count out $8 in change and give that to him. Either that, or find that check in the next 20 minutes. That's all I can do from here."

"Moooooommmmmmmm, that won't work!"

"Well, that's the best I can do. You can give him change or you can find the check."

She replied, "humph. Good-bye."

Now, I ask, what was I supposed to do?

That girl, up and goofy one minute, mad the next. Oh, and she's not officially a teenager until February.

Life with Miss Kat is a soap opera. Stay tuned for next weeks episode.

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