Thursday, March 12, 2009

Andy, the Basketball star

The Senior Parents at Bucklin hired a photographer to come out from Wichita to take some photos of the Senior kids at their last home game.

Those shots are posted on the photographer's website if anyone is interested...

The website is

At the bottom of the screen, select "View your pictures"

On the next screen, choose Bucklin.

Now choose Varsity Boys, and Senior Boys to see pictures of Andy...he's # 25. There are only 3 or 4 pictures of him on the court.

If you click on one picture, then you can just scroll through the rest like a slide show.

(The guy with a beard is one of the maintenance men at the school. He was messing around, and posed.)

Of course I think my kid is the most handsome one out there. know, look at the shots, and then agree with me! And, yes, he is MY basketball star!

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