Saturday, March 21, 2009


We went camping over Spring Break. We camped out at the farm...Dad's farm...Grandad's farm. We parked the camper just east of the old wooden grainary, on a level spot of ground just above the creek, surrounded on 3 sides by trees planted by Grandad in the 1930's.

It was perfect.

While the nights got down to the mid 30's, the daytime temperatures got up to the high 60's and l0w 70's. We have a generator that we ran at night for light and heat. We really would have enjoyed a fire, but it's so dry here and there's a fire ban. Instead of a fire, we cuddled in blankets at night, and went to bed early.

We haven't used the camper much since moving here, and I'd forgotten what I had, and where I'd put it, so it was rather interesting as I'd ask Kev, "where is that tote full of dish clothes and towels?" "Why didn't I bring the big stainless steel bowl?" He was just as bad, asking me where such and such was. But, we worked the kinks out and had a great time.

Our friends, Kim and Bob and their 3 kids joined us.

We adults hung out and the 6 kids (Miss Jenna, Miss Kat's friend from Colby joined us as well.) just took off, and played in the creek, or went hiking, or built forts along the cliffs or played airsoft. We adults hiked along the creek, enjoying the views, and the running water in the creek. We dreamed of where a house should be built, and where to dig out the springs in the creek, and where to put in a trout pond.

The kids did not enjoy their baths at the Windmill. But, since the 'windmill' is now a solar-powered pump and not a wind powered pump, we determined it should now be called "the solar-powered water supply." LOL Anyway...the kids got into a mud-fight in the creek. I drove the girls down to the windmill to clean up. That fresh water was rather cold and they thought that it gave them a brain freeze. Cold water poured over one's head tends to cause a brain freeze! But, they did get clean. The boys came down once the girls were finished. They tried to be tough and brave, but finally admitted that yes, that water was very cold!

Kev and I went out with his metal detector a couple of times. We didn't find any treasure, but did find lots and lots of iron all over the place. I guess that's probably normal around a farm, especially one that has had most of it's building destroyed by a tornado. But it was still fun.

In fact, we enjoyed ourselves so much, we just left the camper there, and made a promise to ourselves that we'll go camping at the farm again.

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