Monday, March 02, 2009


Do we ever get ahead financially?

Is it humanly possible?

I don't think so. I really don't.

I thought we were finally getting there, and then Kev checked out my bathtub.

See, we discovered shortly after buying this house that the spa corner tub in the master bath had a crack in it. The crack is small, and someone attempted to patch it, but they attempted to patch it from the outside when they should have patched it on the inside--under the tub. Only problem is, that is exactly where the motor is and you can't get the motor out to get to the tub to patch it. (Kev was going to patch it as well and discovered this problem.)

Our solution was just that I wasn't allowed to use as much water as I wanted to. I keep the water level below the crack, and all worked well. For a year or so.

It's not working so well now.

See, we've been noticing an odor in the bathroom. Just for the past couple of weeks. I'd been blaming it on urine, telling Kev that he's splashing urine onto the carpet that's around the toilet. He disagreed telling me he thought it was my tub.

Saturday afternoon, he checked. Then, he gave me the bad news. There's mold under there. Looks like it was slightly damp, and there's even mushrooms growing under my tub.

I selflessly gave up using my tub. And, we are planning on getting a new tub ASAP. More money that we have to spend that I don't want to spend. And, I'm afraid that a new tub will necessitate new flooring, which I don't want to have to pay for now. And, since the floor under the tub is wet, we'll probably have to replace the sub-floor too. And that means more Money and more work.

Why can't anything be an easy fix any more? Or a cheap fix?

And, why can't this have waited a few more months--I thought we'd be ahead then...but now, we won't.

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