Thursday, March 12, 2009

Kat tales

Miss Kat handed me a note last night. A typed note, on 1/2 a piece of typing paper. At first, I thought she was in trouble for something. But then, I read the note.

It was from the secretary of the Local DAR chapter. Apparently, Kat had done a poster for their annual competition and won! They're having an "awards ceremony" on the 28th in Fort Dodge. The poster winners will now go to the State competition and those winners will go on to a National competition. I have no idea how many kids are "award winners." I just know that my kid is one of them.

She's a little excited. She loves to draw and plan and create things, so this was right up her alley. She was upset this past fall because the kids in her class did posters for the VFW poster competition. Kat sketched her idea, and one of her friends "stole" her idea. That friend won the local competition. Kat was pretty steamed. Of course, I only heard her version. Maybe their ideas were close enough that Kat just thought her friend "stole" the idea. We'll never know, but I do know that Kat was disappointed that she didn't win anything then. This win makes up for it.

She's been pretty flighty this week. She's trying out for cheerleader, so she's been jumping around, chanting to herself, waving her arms around, etc. Tryouts are tomorrow, so hopefully she'll calm down once this is over. Oops, I take that back...Her BFF, Miss Jenna is coming down to spend Spring Break with us. Great. TWO goofy 13 year old girls will be in my house for a week.

Sigh. stay tuned for another episode of "Kat tales..."

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