Monday, October 13, 2008

Holding him back

I'm sorry to inform everyone of this fact, but...

Kev and I have decided that our young son, the Senior, needs to be held back.

I know, I know, holding your child back a grade is usually done in Grade School. But, we didn't think he needed to be held back then.

So, we're holding him back now.

Reasons to hold him back to repeat his Senior Year are:

  1. He'll be around another year to chauffeur his sister.
  2. He'll be around another year to keep an eye on his sister.
  3. He'll be around another year to play football.
  4. He'll be around another year to play basketball.
  5. He'll be around another year to run errands for his mommy.
  6. He'll be around another year to shoot in 4-H.
  7. He'll be around to do chores around the house.
  8. He'll be around the house where we can keep an eye on him for one more year.
  9. He'll be home where the girls can't find him.

Seriously, he's doing so well this year, that it makes us wish we had held him back years ago when he was in 2nd grade. His teacher at the time thought he wasn't as mature socially as the rest of the kids in his class. (Her primary justification to us was that he played with the same little boy every day and never anyone else. Hello! Phillip was his best friend, of course he wanted to play with him!)

We chose not to hold him back for that reason, it didn't seem valid to us, his parents. But, we both agree that we wish we had simply because he's having so much fun and is doing so well with this group of kids. He's just so happy!

While his football team lost again, the coach told Andy, "You are making me look good." This compliment was due to Andy's good punts. That kid can really punt! Sad part is, he never had an opportunity to punt before, so for him to have that now is really wonderful. And, having that skill being recognized, that's wonderful.

And, Saturday was the 4-H State Trap shooting match. Andy took 4th place in the 16 yard shooters (with a 48 and then a 25 in the shoot-off). He took 10th place overall with a 92. (Out of 150 or so shooters.)

So, we should hold him back another year, cause then he can become a better punter, and maybe place higher in trap shooting and who knows what the rest of the year will bring...

So, holding him back isn't selfish at all. It's all about him, right? Right?...

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