Wednesday, October 15, 2008

I want it Wednesday

Over the past week, we've had at least 8 inches of rain.

We were about 6 inches behind "normal" rainfall for our area. I haven't seen official numbers, but I can safely say we're "over" normal amounts now.

Today, we can see the sun. I haven't seen the sun since Friday. I take that back, we briefly saw the sun Saturday morning, but she's been hiding since then.

Personally, I love rain, and this has been a nice, slow rain. No wind, steady rainfall.

But, it's soggy. I mean, there's water standing everywhere. We're saturated. Ponds are full to overflowing, but because it was such a slow rain, not any flooding in our area. Who knows, there might even be water in the Arkansas River! That would be awsome!

So, since it's soggy, and muddy outside, all we need right now--for "I want it Wednesday" are:

Waterproof, and versital, I can wear them to the treestand and not get my tootsies cold or wet or muddy.

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Dana (the Homesteading Housewife) said...

I soooo can't believe I missed your I want that posts!

Great list!
and Man!! we want a lot of the same things! Together we could rule the world!