Wednesday, October 01, 2008

I want it Wednesday!

To go with my old fashioned looking stove, I want a farm sink. (I neglected last week to say that my old stove is really a reproduction. It's a modern stove made to look like an old one.) Back to farm sinks...

You might call it, an apron front sink.

Whatever. I want one. I don't need a double sink, one will do. I don't like stainless steel. (I know, I can hear you all gasping in shock!) Stainless steel is boring. I want an old, heavy single sink. And the apron front ones are drop dead beautiful.

Now the beauty above is a double sink, but she's a copper sink. Isn't she lovely? She'd really look good with my reproduction old fashioned stove. Of course she isn't cheap, but neither am I!

Can't you see me, standing in front of my sink, doing dishes, or peeling potatoes or canning tomatoes? See, that sink would look gggggoooooodddd next to me!

I want it!

Be sure to click over on the Homesteading Housewife to see what Dana wants. Hey, this is entirely her idea! I just stole it :)

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