Thursday, October 09, 2008


Kev and I got our bows out last night to get them sighted in and to get the "feel" of shooting again.

Bow season has already started, and we are just now getting our bows ready. That is so WRONG on so many levels.

We should have started practicing in August.
We should already have everything lined up and ready to shoot.
We should, by now, be practiced, confident, and out hunting.

But we aren't. sigh.

My sight pin was way out of alignment. I use a pendulum sight pin now because I really suck at judging distances. Before, I'd have to guess which sight pin to use, and, I always asked Kev and Lynn Dale to draw me imaginary lines...10 yards, 20, yards, etc. Now, my pendulum pin should work up to 30 yards, and it adjusts itself to the target. Much nicer for distanace-challenged me.

I lost one arrow somewhere in the grass. I broke another arrow. I kept letting off from full draw which totally screws up your shot.

Kev, the jerk, just goes out, fires a couple of shots, adjusts a couple of small items, and he's back in business. The jerk. Why can't it be that easy for me???

Me...nothing is easy for me. After spending quite a bit of time looking for my arrows in the grass, Kev rigged up a back stop out of some plywood. But the idiot (she will remain nameless) who was moving my sight pin, moved it the wrong way, and I nailed the plywood.
  • My 47 lb bow can shoot an arrow through plywood.
  • Shooting arrows through plywood is hard on arrows.
  • Pulling arrows out of the plywood isn't easy.
  • Husbands get really annoyed when they have to pull your arrow out of the plywood.
  • They get really really annoyed when you shoot it again.

We finally got my bow close to where it needs to be set, but now we need to find my broadheads. We've talked about me switching to mechanical broadheads (mechanicals open when they hit the deer) and not regular 4 bladed broadheads. Cause once I shoot a broadhead, we'll have to sight it in again. I really hope we have mechanicals bought already for me to use. I hope we can find them if we bought them.

But, shooting outside does get me in the mood to hunt...course I can't go this weekend, because we will be at a trap shoot... but, by the time I can go, I should be ready!

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