Wednesday, October 22, 2008

I want it Wednesday

Today, my mind is thinking about what all we need to process deer.

See, one of the disadvantages of moving was leaving our hunting buddies and their labor and equipment! Gene, Lynn, Kev and I would cut up each other's deer. Gene owned a meat grinder. It was a old manual commercial one, but he'd rigged it up to a small motor and put it on a small platform, making it much easier and faster to grind that burger! Lynn had meat trays which we put our meat in after grinding and before wrapping. Gene skinned and cut the meat off the carcass and Lynn and Kev then de-boned it and cut steaks. My job was to grind burger and wrap the meat. Gene's wife was also a wrapper/grinder. Back when Lynn was married, Cindy also helped. Butchering goes really quickly when you've go so many people helping. We could usually do a deer in an hour--from carcass to freezer.

But...we had to move, and we had to leave our friends and their equipment. So, now we find ourselves needing to purchase our own equipment. This is the grinder I want...yes, I want this exact one. But, I'll probably get a slightly smaller one that's slightly cheaper. We don't really need this big of a grinder for just us, but I drool every time I see this!

So, what do you want???

And remember, to click over on the Homesteading Wife's link. This was Dana's idea, I just joined her. See what Dana wants...(but fair warning, she likes the same kind of kooky stuff that I do!)

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