Wednesday, October 08, 2008

random stuff...

Last night, we got a package in the mail from the gun club that sponsored the trap shoot Andy was recently in. You know, the one where he placed 4th.

Yesterday, he got a medal and a check for $22.00. Pretty cool if you ask me! He was pleased. And the timing is right, cause he'll shoot at the State Match this weekend. Of course the forecast is for windy conditions. But, we'll try to get there early to shoot before it gets too bad...I hope.


Kev and I are getting old. We actually watched the presidential debate last night. And, we watched the VP debate when it was on. Count us among the undecided, cause I like one guy on one issue, and the other guy on another issue. But, deep down, I know that they are both blowing smoke and just saying what they think people want to hear just to get votes.

Yes, I'm cynical.


Yes, it's Wednesday, and I'll post something about that soon..

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