Monday, October 27, 2008


Weekends should last longer.

Seriously, they go by way to fast.

Friday night was Senior night at the football game. The Senior boys were recognized, with their parents at the game. Kev and I, and the other Senior parents received candy bouquets. Steve and his boys came down to watch Andy and Kim and Bob and their kids came down for the weekend too.

While Bucklin lost again, Andy got to start and he played the entire game. (One of the starters had gotten caught drinking the weekend before, so Andy sub'd for him.) After the game, we all tromped down and talked to him as the team went back to the locker room. Andy loved his "fan club." The grin on his face was a mile wide and didn't stop. He didn't care they'd been 45'd again, all he cared about was that all these people who cared about him were at the game.

Kim, Bob and their kids spent the weekend with us. Steve went back home to paint his garage. (He really needs to work on his prioritites!) Bob and Kev and Andy and Tate went to the farm to chop wood for our fireplace. Kim and I had to run to Dodge for a few groceries. We should have then taken the girls to the farm to goof off, cause the guys had such a good time, and we all enjoy being outside. Yet, we girls had a nice visit and did some baking and relaxing.

When the guys got home, we shot some trap and then cooked supper and sat around the firepit. Simple, relaxing times.

Yesterday, we had a delicious breakfast and wonderful lunch. The guys chopped wood and watched a ball game while Kim and I napped. Isn't that cool, to have friends that you can just take a nap with during a visit?

After they went home, Kev chopped more wood and I did the laundry. I truely enjoyed the weekend, but I sure wish it lasted a little longer.

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