Monday, October 20, 2008


Believe it or not, there's another sport that I know as well as I know Football.

Scary, isn't it!

But, I know the ins and outs of Volleyball about as well as I know the ins and outs of Football.

See, back in the dark ages (aka 20+ years ago), when I was in High School and Junior High, we didn't have a Volleyball team. Oh, we played it some in P.E. class, but not seriously, and only for a week or two. But, the rules have changed since then and now Miss Kat is playing Volleyball. It's a sport now, not just a 2 week diversion in P.E. class.

Thursday, I took the afternoon off to go watch Miss Kat play in her last game of the season. She plays on the C team, but suits up and is on the B team roster. Watching 3 matches Thursday, I decided that the tallest and biggest girls play on the A team. The medium sized girls play B team and the smallest girls play C team.

We got to watch Miss Kat play in a game early in her season. She served some, but never hit the ball over the net and she didn't get many volley's back over the net either.

But Thursday was an entirely different game. All the girls have improved. Miss Kat has been the top scorer for the last 3 or 4 C team games. I know on Thursday, she scored at least 9 points serving and she scored a couple by hitting some volleys back over the net. She's really improved! And, it doesn't go to her head either, because when I said something about being top scorer, she said, "O, well, I never pay any attention to that." (She gets her modesty from her mother.)

I had no clue on some of the calls that the referee's made, and I did figure out that anytime the ball hits the floor, somebody gets a point. I think maybe the rules might be easier than the Football rules, so I might become an expert bench judge someday.

But, I enjoyed watching Miss Kat play. I really enjoy watching her interact with her friends. It was a neat experience...even if I didn't know what was going on most of the time!

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