Tuesday, November 11, 2008

A father and his children

Maybe I'm paying attention more to my family because I know change is coming. Andy is a Senior this year. His time with us is growing shorter every day. Soon, he'll move out on his own, and be responsible for his own actions--without our guidance and input. Or, as he'd say, without my "bossiness." He's not a rebel but there have been times when Kev and I have said "No" and he hasn't appreciated it.

We lit a fire Sunday night and again last night. Kev is the official "fire starter" at our house, but on Sunday night, Andy was right down there with his dad, learning and asking questions of his dad. They were both on one knee, talking about the fire, debating about how to arrange the logs. Real "man to man" stuff. I watched Kev talk and share time with his son. They stayed there for a while while the fire got started, just visiting--having an adult conversation.

Earlier on Sunday, they'd gone hunting together. Andy did the driving--to prove to us that he knew his way to the farm and that he could get up early, and stay awake driving 40 miles to the farm. When they got home, my Menfolk worked outside together, on that wheat pile and in the discovery of the egg mess. They work well together, as a team, almost as equals. Andy's gotten so big and strong these past couple of years. It's interesting watching him learn how to take care of ...stuff...like his dad does. I like watching them work together. Kev's still in charge, but Andy is rapidly becoming more of an equal when the work together.

Then I like to watch Kev and Miss Kat.

For a very long time, she was definitely a "Mamma's girl." But now, she's spending more and more quality time with her Daddy.

She and Kev have to watch Ghost Whisperer every Friday night (or sometime on the weekend if we're gone on Friday night.) They usually snuggle on the love seat to watch it. They discuss the plot and what they think will happen. They discuss their various theories about the existence of ghosts and such. It's their time and their "thing."

Monday nights are our family TV nights. We all like the CBS line-up and watch them together. Last night, Miss Kat snuggled up on the love seat with her daddy. They were laying back, using the same pillow. Kev was on the inside of the couch and had his arm under her head and shoulders. Their heads were leaning in toward each other as they watched TV. Miss Kat's leg was laying across Kev's leg. They were even sharing a blanket.

I love watching Kev with his kids. I like seeing him show his kids love. I like seeing them accept his love. I like seeing them like each other.

A father and his childen...it's just something...special. Thank you, God, for giving me this family.

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