Wednesday, November 12, 2008

In light of my rapidly emptying Chicken Mansion. (Stupid birds.)

Today, I want...
Buff Orpington Chickens.

They are gentle birds. (Maybe Miss Kat can be convinced to gather eggs. Right now, she's scared of the rooster. and tries really hard to not gather eggs.)

They are big birds. (Probably not big enough to take on the 100 lb. and BIG lab.)

They are dual-purpose birds. (So, we can either have eggs or eat them--the birds, we already eat the eggs!)

They will set on a nest and hatch and raise chicks. (I still want to successfully raise some chicks of my own.)

They lay brown eggs. (There's no difference between brown and white eggs in taste, but brown eggs come in a variety of browns and are so much prettier.)

And, hopefully, they will stay out of the Dog pen. (And, we will be making the dog pen "chicken proof"...if there is such a thing...)

If I can't get any bought this fall, I'll wait till spring and get some.
But, I'd really love it if I could get some soon.
I will never again get Production Reds. They are some of the dumbest chickens I've ever had.
While I liked my Barred Rocks and my Rhode Island Reds, well, I've heard good things about Buffs. So...That's what I want....more chickens--just smarter ones.

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agent713 said...

Have your eggs and eat them too? ;)